Drug & Alcohol Testing (URINE, HAIR, ORAL SWAB)


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Drug & Alcohol Testing (URINE, HAIR, ORAL SWAB)
Instant, URINE or SALIVA Testing

These tests are done at our Federally Certified CLIA Laboratory using FDA approved immunoassay process

    • These Tests are great when you are applying for a job and just want to be sure!

    • If you want your teens to be drug free, you can "random test" them, when your teens know that they may be tested randomly, they'll have the best reason to say NO to "peer pressure".

    • The results of these tests are completely private and confidential.
    • We have many Client Companies that use this type of testing to comply with their basic Drug Testing requirements for Pre-Employment or Random Testing situations.

    Laboratory Urine Drug Testing (non-DOT)
    Specimen is collected and sent to Laboratory for Testing, using an immunoassay process and positive results are confirmed by a GC/MS process. Negative or Positive Results are usually reported within 24 hours, and 48 hours for Positive results, if  GC/MS confirmation is required by the Courts or the Employer.      

    Laboratory Urine Drug Testing  (DOT)
    (Required for Regulated Industry, e.g. Trucking, Bus Drivers, Safety-Sensitive Jobs, Etc.) Specimen is collected and sent to HHS approved Laboratory, the results are available through the MRO (Medical Review Officer) in one to two business days.

    Hair Testing
    Hair Testing is rapidly becoming the Drug Testing method of choice for many Companies, Courts and State sponsored Family Services across the country.
    Generally, every half inch of head hair will show a 30 day window of Drug use.
    Our regular price for hair Testing is $65. and as usual we will beat any lower verifiable price

    Breath Alcohol, Saliva Alcohol, Urine Alcohol and ETG Testing,
    We utilize the state of the art, DOT approved Evidential Breath Alcohol equipment. The results are fully Court Admissible.

    Unknown Substance Testing, we can test any substance for presence of Elicit Drugs, call us with your questions.

    Company/Corporate drug testing services,

    If your company does not currently have an Employee Drug-Alcohol Screening Program or if you are not happy with your current Drug Testing Provider for any reason, such as slow service, hours of availability, long waits,   high pricing, Etc.
    DO GIVE US A CALL, we will email you a proposal, tailored to your company's requirements, guaranteed to exceed your current program in value, personal service and lower pricing. References and testimonials from our clients are readily available.
    For more information regarding these Drug Testing Programs, please call for insurance prices: 702-684-6000